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Privacy Policy

 FikarrNot is owner and operator of (“the Website”), FikarrNot’s Mobile Application for on demand home services (“FikarrNot App”),collectively, including all content provided by FikarrNot through the FikarrNot App and the Website “FikarrNot Service”

You have right not to supply personally identifiable information. If You intend to view this FikarrNot Service and/or or share your data with the FikarrNot Service, it is solely at your own volition, risk and after reading and confirming it to this Privacy Policy.

At the time of using the FikarrNot Service you will share certain Personal Information with FikarrNot, FikarrNot respects your Personal Information. Such Personal Information may include your personal identifiable information such as your name, address, mobile number, your e-mail ids, your age, IP address, payment details and any other personal information which You may share in connection with the services.

When you use FikarrNot’s Service through FikarrNot App, FikarrNot may use Your mobile device’s ID (the unique identification assigned to a mobile device by the manufacturer). FikarrNot does this to store your preferences and track your use of FikarrNot App. You understand and agree that FikarrNot has every right to share such ID with third parties for its promotions, analysis, etc.


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