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The year 2017 had been a year full of milestones and breakthroughs! Amidst all of them, we made it too! Ekrupi Solutions Private Limited etched its presence in the service sector of Kolkata, as one of the most effective and creative ways to ease the hassles encountered by countless customers. We firmly believe that when the source is well rooted and united, the branches too yield the most flavorful fruits! And, there we bring to you the most cognizant and committed legacy of board of directors who know nothing but to serve you only the best!


We choose to take away the unwanted commotion from your days, so that you just focus on celebrating life! Consolidated forum for all your requests, supremely devoted to save your time & bring to you the most well crafted solutions with utmost ease & certainty! Your comfort, our pride!


We bring you back your smile right at your doorstep! The most celebrated solutions at your service in just a click away. Your digital presence knits the world even more closely, and we strive to catalyze the same. Your sheer delight brings an unmistakable reason to all our seasons!


How FikarNot Works?

  • The most agile way to bring in the country’s highly proficient experts at your service in a jiffy!
  • Visible & Available at ease!
  • Easily to locate us & even more easier to select our services
  • A Service Request is all that we wait for!
  • You initiate your request, and in moments we have the finest skill ready at your service.
  • Hassle free online payment
  • A well refined and safe payment gateway to close your request at ease.

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